A Kosmotronik to catch Butterflies. The 4 drivers, consisting of:

Captain – Sits in the dome and gives / shouts directions through his megaphone, where the butterflies are.

The Catcher – Sits on the barrel of the tank. And tries to catch the butterflies with his FlowerHelmet and safety net.

The Rider – He controls this gigantic machine.

The mechanic – He ensures that the engine runs smoothly.

They thought long. And because they love tanks, they came up with the idea to build the ButterflyCatchingMachineTank. The idea is simple. Put someone on the barrel of the tank with a butterfly trap and catch butterflies.
In the beginning it was a bit rough. There were enough butterflies, but they were not easy to catch. The butterflies only came to look at this incredibly big, heavy, clumsy machine because they thought it was very funny, how much time and work the drivers had invested in catching butterflies. The butterflies stopped laughing when one of the drivers came up with the idea to make a flower on the helmet of the catcher so that the butterflies came even closer and the catcher looked more like a flower.

The drivers saw that this idea was great. So many butterflies. And so close. Now they only have to catch them.
The butterflies laughed their pants off because of these drivers and their ButterflyCatchingMachineTank.

They haven’t caught a butterfly to this day. But everyone, the drivers and butterflies, have a lot of fun.


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