The basis for a new Kosmotronik is always a plastic item. An item that was, for example, once a household appliance, like a blow dryer or a mixer. These items, once broken, are considered waste by most people’s standards, but Harry sees the beauty in it. He designs a new Kosmotronik from scratch, and instead of feeling limited by working with existing materials, he recycles the waste into Art.

For a long time, Harry thought this way of making Art had limitations, because his starting point is always an existing shape. This prevents him from creating a totally new form or figure. But now his art has matured and his creations turn out to be unique pieces of art, he no longer feels that this way of working is a limitation. His Kosmotroniks are the evidence, that working with existing materials does not limit him, but in contrary, it makes his art much stronger

Each Kosmotronik develops and materializes during the building phase, Harry never uses a drawing nor does he plan his objects beforehand, they evolve during the construction phase until the Kosmotronik is ready. For Harry, building a Kosmotronik is an adventure from start to finish. Harry has a great eye for detail, every Kosmotronik is unique and one of a kind.

Harry Arling

Harry Arling was born in 1965 in Emmen, the Netherlands.
He started model building at a very young age, and slowly started to develop the idea of making Kosmotroniks. Kosmotroniks are unique objects, assembled from plastic waste.

In 1989 Harry started to showcase his Kosmotroniks at galleries, and has been touring in the Netherlands and Belgium since. He also hosts an annual exhibition in his own refrigerated warehouse, which he jointly owns with his wife and fellow artist Elsa Nijhof. The exhibition always takes place in December.

In addition to designing Kosmotroniks, Harry is also a musician, animator and he makes children’s theater.