FlyingRobot aka Karl

A flying robot is what these drivers wanted to build. Just to fly around. The crew consists of one driver, mechanic and watcher. The watcher only watches. During construction it was discovered that the head of the Flying Robot was too big. The rider could no longer see. They decided to connect the robot’s eyes to the rider’s aviator goggles via two viewing hoses. they found a brilliant solution themselves.

When the drivers build, they do so with such passion that their machine comes to life. It can talk, feel, think, etc.

When they finished the FlyingRobot, the robot found itself a bit boring. The FlyingRobot, is a big fan of superheroes, and wanted to be a superhero himself. And that’s why, like superman, he came up with a disguise.

The drivers made glasses for him so that he is the FlyingRobot with glasses. Bringing happiness, love and a smile to everyone.
He is Karl without glasses. Loves R2D2, dancing, jazz (especially experimental) and doesn’t like flying at all.

The FlyingRobot itself came up with the name Karl. He thought it sounded beautiful. The drivers think it is a stupid name and, much to the annoyance of Karl, call him Robi.


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