Exhibition Kosmotroniks 10 December 2011

On the 10th of December I wil show, in a solo exhibition, 15 new Kosmotroniks.
The event takes place in on old ice warehouse on the Westerhavenstraat 16 in Groningen.
The opening wil be at 16.00.
hope to see you then.

Harry Arling

4 new Kosmotroniks

4 new Kosmotroniks. 3 floaters and one roller.You can see, I have been very busy and there's a lot more to come.
I'm now working on a giant one legged machine and a tiny car. So stay in touch.
I will also start my own exhibition. It will take place in Groningen(Holland) Westerhavenstraat 16.
The exact date will be announced soon.
Bye Harry.

Two new Kosmotroniks

Their are 2 new Kosmotroniks on the site. On the page "floaters" you find the Silvernose, and on the page "rollers" you find the Littlebigwheel.
The Silvernose is build off 2 vacuum cleaner attachments.
The Littlebigwheel's body is made of sort tape dispenser.
I love the difference of the wheels. One small and one big.
Hope you enjoy them.


I finished another new Kosmotronik. It's called Volglamp.
You can find it at the floaters folder.

Exhibition Kosmotroniks in Vos interieur(Groningen, Holland)

The Kosmotroniks can be seen at Vos interieur in Groningen, Holland.
It's a permanent exhibition. You can see there the latest Kosmotroniks.
So if you are in Groningen do pay a visit to Vos interieur.


The UniverseDriver is my latest Kosmotronik.
It took ±2 months to build. Like every Kosmotronik, it's build entirly of al sorts of plastic pieces, and then handpainted.
I really struggeld with, what kind of colors I should paint the UniverseDriver. But as always, it turned out just fine :)

Loopboot Ben(Walkingboat Ben)

Loopboot Ben(Walkingboat Ben) Is my latest Kosmotronik.
It took me ±2 Months to build. I really love the boat on top. Why it's there? I don't know.
It just looks great and that, for me, is the most important thing.

Backyard Genius - Verbeke exhibition

Backyard Genius (Outsider Art)
Verbeke Foundation, KEMZEKE, Belgium
May 23rd up to November 15th 2009 inclusive.

In ‘the labyrinth’ at the Verbeke Foundation exhibition hall Stichting Collectie De Stadshof in
cooperation with Museum Dr. Guislain present the outsider art show Backyard Genius.
On show are more than 100 drawings, collages, models, assemblages and structures referring to
technique and architectonic space of fifteen artists / geniuses.

Curators of the exhibition: Liesbeth Reith and Frans Smolders.
Exhibition design: Yvonne Beelen


New and improved Kosmotronik site

After 4 years the new and improved Kosmotronik website is online. Now, when I finished a new Kosmotronik, I can put the pictures  directly on this site. So stay in touch and you will see the latest Kosmotroniks and hear the latest news .
Bye, Harry Arling

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